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Pink Boots Brew Day at Pedals & Pints

On Saturday, March 4, 2023, Monica Potter, the head brewer of Pedals and Pints, hosted their 2023 Pink Boots Collaboration brew day. The group came together to create a hazy IPA, a popular style known for its juicy and fruity flavors.

The group came together to brew a unique hazy IPA using a recipe that had been carefully crafted in advance. Monica Potter led the group through the brewing process, sharing her expertise and knowledge along the way. Together, they worked to brew a beer that was both delicious and unique, and showcased the Pink Boots hop blend.

The collaboration brew day was attended by many familiar faces in the local beer scene. Some of the attendees included The Booze League, Daughters of Ninkasi, Chas Cloud from Malibu Brewing, Brittany Brouhard from Naughty Pine Brewing, Tim Harbage & Linzy Mahoney from Bright Spark brewing, and many more.

The event was a great success, with everyone coming together to share their knowledge and passion for craft beer. The hazy IPA that was brewed on the day will be ready in a few weeks, and everyone is excited to try it. It was a great opportunity for everyone to share their skills and learn from one another, and we can't wait to see what Monica brews next!

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