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Raise Your Glass to Craft Beer Excellence: Live Show from Fluid State Beer Garden Now Live!

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

Craft Beer Republic, is thrilled to announce its latest episode, broadcast live from the charming Fluid State Beer Garden in Ventura, CA. This dynamic installment dives deep into the world of craft beer, bringing listeners an immersive experience filled with cheers, beers, and delectable pizza.

Embracing Gluten and Celebrating Craft Beer

In this captivating episode, Craft Beer Republic raises a glass to gluten and to the craft beer community that celebrates it. Hosted by Greg, the episode features an engaging conversation with Jen and Aaron, the co-owners and co-founders of Fluid State Beer Garden, capturing the essence of craft beer and its culinary companions.

Meet the Visionaries Behind Fluid State Beer Garden

The episode offers a glimpse into the fascinating backgrounds of the featured guests. Aaron Duncan, once a beer salesman, now renowned as a head chef and self-proclaimed "pizza pimp," shares the secrets behind crafting the perfect pizza and recounts his journey to the world of craft beer. Jen Schwertman, with her extensive experience in the alcohol industry, unveils her journey to becoming a craft beer expert, with a tantalizing near-miss of a major beer award.

From Vision to Reality: The Story of Fluid State Beer Garden

Listeners will be captivated by the account of how Fluid State Beer Garden secured its historic venue and navigated the path from concept to opening its doors. Aaron and Jen candidly share their brewing experiences, the trials and errors they faced, and the memorable mishaps that shaped their craft beer journey.

Unveiling the Magic of Craft Beer Selection

What's the secret behind curating one of the most exclusive beer lists? The answer is revealed in this episode. Aaron's dedication to sourcing exceptional beers takes center stage, demonstrating the commitment to providing a remarkable beer selection at Fluid State Beer Garden.

Engaging the Audience and Rapid-Fire Insights

The episode concludes with lively audience questions and a fast-paced round of rapid-fire questions. It's a rollercoaster of fun and craft beer wisdom that promises to entertain and educate.

A Taste of Craft Beer Excellence

Throughout the episode, the hosts and guests sample a selection of outstanding brews, including Silvapils from Silva Brewing, Everywhere Brewing's Must Be The Feeling IPA, and Faction Brewing's Anomaly Milk Stout. It's a sensory journey that will leave listeners craving their own craft beer adventure.

Stay Connected

Craft Beer Republic encourages listeners to connect with Fluid State Beer Garden on Instagram (@fluidstate) and Facebook (fluidstatebeergarden) to stay informed about upcoming events and offerings.

For more Craft Beer Republic content, visit the official website at and follow them on Instagram (@CraftBeerRepublic), and Facebook (CraftBeerRepublicPod). For inquiries, please contact Craft Beer Republic at (805) 538-2337 or

Tune In and Raise a Glass

Craft Beer Republic invites beer enthusiasts and podcast lovers alike to tune in to this flavorful episode, celebrating the craft beer world and the remarkable stories that make it unique. Whether you're an experienced beer aficionado or just beginning your craft beer journey, this episode promises something for everyone. Cheers to craft beer excellence!

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