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🎉🍻 Craft Beer Republic Episode 415: Fourth of July Festivities and Beer Adventures!

Get ready for another exciting episode of Craft Beer Republic! In episode 415, Greg and Flex bring you a fun-filled discussion packed with Fourth of July festivities, beer adventures, holiday plans, and more. Whether you're a craft beer aficionado or just looking for some holiday entertainment, this episode has something for everyone.

Flex's Trip to Eagle Park Brewery

Flex kicks off the episode by sharing his experience at the Eagle Park Brewery's anniversary party. Celebrating their 7th anniversary, Eagle Park Brewery threw a party to remember, and Flex was right in the middle of the action. Not only did he enjoy some fantastic brews, but he also took on the role of grill master, making beer brats for the big event. If you're a fan of brewery anniversaries and delicious food, this segment is a must-listen!

Greg's Beer Research in San Francisco

Meanwhile, Greg recounts his whirlwind trip to San Francisco, where he managed to squeeze in some beer research at 21st Amendment Brewing. Despite a limited selection, Greg’s adventure highlights the lengths we go to for our love of craft beer. Tune in to hear about his discoveries and why sometimes, even the best-laid beer plans don't always pan out as expected.

Fourth of July Beer and BBQ Fun Facts

With the Fourth of July right around the corner, Greg and Flex delve into some fun facts about beer and BBQ for the holiday. From patriotic brews to BBQ tips, they've got you covered for a perfect Independence Day celebration. Flex plans to hit the fireworks with his kids and enjoy some poolside drinking for his birthday, while Greg opts for a low-key celebration to avoid the holiday chaos.

Booze News Highlights

In our Booze News segment, we cover the latest happenings in the beer world:

  • Guinness and Premier League: Guinness signs a four-year agreement with the Premier League.

  • Corona's New Brew: Corona introduces "Sunbrew," a citrus cerveza that has everyone talking.

  • Crowns and Hops' Big Win: Crowns and Hops wins the Sam Adams "Brewing the American Dream" competition from Boston Beer.

  • A New Pub-Crawling Record: A 69-year-old man sets a new Guinness record by visiting over 100 pubs in 24 hours.

  • Holiday Spending: How much money people spend on beer, booze, and BBQ for the Fourth of July holiday!

Listener Shoutouts and More

We also take a moment to shout out our top listening city of last week, New York, NY! Plus, we discuss the age-old question: why do breweries insist on loading their mixed packs with shelf turds? Greg and Flex share their thoughts and invite listeners to weigh in.

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Stay hydrated, enjoy the holiday, and cheers to great beer! 🍻


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