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Life is Flantastico! A Collab w/Chew Your Beer & 818 Brewing

[Canoga Park, CA, 05/13/23] - "Life is Flantastico!" podcast listeners were treated to an extraordinary live episode that brought together the creative minds behind 818 Brewing, Chew Your Beer, and Craft Beer Republic.

This captivating interview showcased their collaborative beer and provided a platform for discussions on surviving the pandemic, future plans, and their craft beer journeys. The episode not only delighted craft beer enthusiasts but also highlighted the unwavering spirit and camaraderie within the brewing community.

Hosted by Greg Jones of Craft Beer Republic, the live episode of "Life is Flantastico!" took an exciting turn as Bryan and Derrick of 818 Brewing and Chew joined the podcast. Together, they delved into the creation of their highly anticipated collaboration beer, engaging listeners with insights into the beer's origin, unique adjuncts, and the newly introduced pilot system.

The episode commenced with a live tasting session led by Derrick and Bryan, where the hosts guided listeners through a range of extraordinary brews. The lineup included Flantastico, the result of the collaboration between 818 Brewing and Chew Your Beer, as well as other delightful offerings like Valley Girl Blond, SchnuggleZ Hazy IPA, Hellyes lager, and Valhalla Barrel Aged Imperial Stout. Each sip transported the audience on a flavorful journey, showcasing the brewers' skill and creativity.

The collaboration between 818 Brewing and Chew Your Beer was a highlight of the episode. Derrick and Chew revealed the inspiration behind the beer and provided fascinating details about the carefully selected adjuncts, including vanilla beans and coffee additions, that contributed to its unique taste profile. Their collaboration exemplified the dedication, passion, and craftsmanship that the brewing community holds dear.

In addition to exploring the flavors, the podcast delved into the challenges faced by 818 Brewing during the pandemic. Bryan shared the brewery's remarkable journey of resilience and growth, showcasing their ability to adapt and thrive amidst adversity. The insights shared during the interview served as an inspiration to fellow brewers and beer enthusiasts alike.

The candid conversations with Bryan and Derrick offered listeners a glimpse into the artistry and rewards of brewing. Discussions revolved around their favorite beers to make, the utilization of platforms like Untappd for recipe creation, and their personal journeys that led them to the world of craft beer. The hosts' openness and authenticity created a connection between the guests and the listeners, fostering a sense of community and shared experiences.

The podcast episode also featured engaging listener questions, adding an interactive element to the show. The audience had the opportunity to ask about the inspiration behind the collaboration, the most challenging beer to make, and even inquire about Chew's plans for opening his own brewery.

Bryan and Derrick Olson of 818 Brewing graciously allowed the podcast to take over their brewery for the live episode, for which the hosts expressed their heartfelt appreciation. The collaboration between 818 Brewing and Chew Your Beer was celebrated as a testament to the creativity, resilience, and collaboration that define the craft beer community.

To learn more about 818 Brewing, please visit and follow them on social media @818Brewing. For updates from Chew Your Beer, follow Chew on Instagram @ChewYourBeerOG_.

About "Craft Beer Republic": "Craft Beer Republic" is a popular craft beer podcast hosted by Greg & Flex. With a passion for brewing and an appreciation for the craft beer community, the hosts engage in insightful discussions, live tastings, and interviews with industry professionals, showcasing the diverse and ever-evolving world of craft beer.

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