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A Live Interview with Philly Martinez, Head Brewer at Ventura Coast Brewing Company

Intro: Cheers, beers, and high life! We were thrilled to sit down with Philly Martinez, the new head brewer at Ventura Coast Brewing Company (VCBC), for a live interview at their brewery. Philly shared his journey in the beer industry, from learning how to drink to taking over an established brewery. In this post, we'll give you a rundown of our

conversation with Philly and the insights he shared about his love for beer. And you can listen to the interview on Batch 354 by clicking here.

The Interview:

Philly's history in the industry Philly shared with us his background in the industry, which started with learning how to drink and then making coffee and other alcoholic beverages before getting a job at Modern Times. He also talked about his previous job at a big brewery and the transition time that it went through.

Taking over at VCBC:

Philly shared his unique interview process and his experience of taking over an established brewery. He talked about slowly taking over a tap board and how to make old recipes shine again.

Why Philly loves making beer:

Philly shared his passion for making beer and why he loves what he does. He also talked about the upcoming collaborations and shared insights into his brewing process.

VCBC beers we tried Philly shared five VCBC beers with us, which included Doppelbock, Mystik Krewe Breux, Ex-Wizards, Extinction, and S’More of What. We got to taste them and appreciate the unique flavors and aromas.

Rapid-fire round:

We wrapped up the interview with a round of rapid-fire questions, where the listeners in the audience submitted some great questions for Philly.


Philly Martinez is a fantastic head brewer, and it was a pleasure to chat with him about his journey in the beer industry. His passion for making beer was evident in every aspect of our conversation, and we were lucky to learn from him. We hope you enjoyed reading about our experience and got some insight into what it takes to be a successful brewer. Don't forget to listen to the podcast episode for the full conversation with Philly.


Thank you for reading, and we hope you enjoyed this post about our live interview with Philly Martinez, the head brewer at Ventura Coast Brewing Company. Follow us for more exciting content about the beer industry and don't forget to check out our podcast. Cheers!

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